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pictures i love

carving a punkin for halloween!
Mike did the eyes, i did the nose and mouth :)


me, jamie and mike. when i first met him ^_^
(fortunately that is not a real jail)


my milo!

you are someone


One of the most important goals in my life is to someday be an illustrator or animator. I absolutely LOVE to draw, especially people and characters! Other goals include seeing the world, gaining more independence and just stayin alive ("ah ah ah ah, stayin alive, stayin alive") I also enjoy writing stories, mostly funny ones. I tend to be a wimp...fear of fear and the unknown and all that jazz. I can be a teensy bit of a narcissist...but takin pictures is funsies. I like makin' stupid faces...
And oh yeah, I love to do that thing called laughing.

And I am happy, and I love my boyfriend :)

buddies pals amigos friends

Honeybee Mel 44

Write to me Im needy

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    Hi Mel,

    I LOVE your avatar photo. You and Mike just get cuter together each day ;) So hmm...I know it's way too early to say this, but I think I'm hearing some wedding bells coming your way ;) I'm so happy you found your true love! I know how it feels.



    Reply from Honeybee:

    hey revi! how are you? j?

    haha awww thanks! lol my friend teresa is all "omg you're so cute" hahaha

    i love him, very much and we are very open with one another...but marriage? eeeek image lol you know the hilarious thing is that he's 22 and a guy and HE is the one who brings up marriage...even in subtle ways. but he knows i am in no way ready for that, mostly cause i told him so lol. he's my first boyfriend and jumping into something that big is well too big a thing for me to handle lol just not ready for that step in life you know. so did you guys set a date? or have an idea of when you want to get hitched? :)

I'm drawing with my heart